Monday, June 7, 2010

Realtime Video Recording In-world

 Greetings, my friends!  What a difference a day can make... I barely can dictate my thoughts today. I am just that excited.  For some long-term virtual residents,this may be no big deal  but it is a "big deal" for this little avatar. Since the day did not start on a happy note, it's even a bigger deal.  As a matter of fact, the day started with my real life (RL) person too sick to work but it ended on a high note and with smiles on both of our faces. The day presented a major learning opportunity for both of us... Realtime video recording in-world.

With my RL person's help, I tested the realtime video recording software that was recommended to me by a SL networking partner (aka friend). The software allows my RL person to record video of me as well as my various virtual communities.  This is perfect for my "Virtual World Living" journal and her RL presentations.

In the video, I am also testing my new "Goddess" walk (smiles) as I stroll from Ms. BugLady's Training Lab to SarVana Marketplace. Once my RL person improves her video recording skills, I will prepare a walking tour of the entire complex managed by SarVana Marketing Network. You will be able to get a better view of our virtual content designs and building projects which include SarVana Business Centre, Ms. BugLady's Lab Training/Career Center, and SarVana Resort Villa.

  It was a successful test. So now, I can share my realtime experiences of virtual world living, networking, and working which is the focus of our in-world and real life consulting and training business. It's all so exciting... Virtual living in Realtime!

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