Thursday, November 1, 2012

National Health Blog Post Month: 30 Days; 30 Posts 01

 Greetings on this first day of November! 
Today is Not just any first day... and November is Not just any month! Today, November 1st is… the first day of 30 posts in 30 days for National HealthBlog Post Month with Wego Health. I am quite excited about discussing developed (and discovered) health projects and activities within my virtual world community. Another reason for my excitement is that my favorite social media platform is the 3-D virtual world and I get to share my worlds with you.
CHARE Village @ Kitely
 Through my blog, "SarVana's Virtual Journal", I will share SarVana’s "avatar" experience while integrating real life projects and activities within various virtual worlds (Second Life, Kitely, JokaydiaGRID). As stated in an earlier post, virtual worlds are computer-generated environments and are usually populated by computer-generated "objects" known as avatars. (Don’t tell SarVana that I called her an “object”. She forgets that she is computer-generated at times.) With the help of avatars, capacity building, awareness campaigns, networking, training, and other activities have been integrated within the respective virtual communities.
CHARE Resource Center @ Second Life
 In July 2010, I established Community HIV/AIDSResource Exchange Project (CHARE Project), a program offering social media capacity building, technical assistance, and training for health service providers, agencies, organizations, and community advocates serving at risk and underserved populations. CHARE Project allows me to channel my acquired public health experience (clinical, training, administrative, and outreach); social media knowledge; and professional networks. It was (and still is) my desire to use my professional and personal inventory to help enhance the delivery of HIV prevention, AIDS awareness, and related health services. Since my real life work is centered on social media and linkage to health information, CHARE Project was the ideal program to achieve my professional goal. Integrating CHARE Project and other activities within virtual worlds increase the opportunities for information-sharing, promoting, networking, and fostering partnerships. Virtual integration was definitely the next step for a virtual techie geek like me. "SarVana's Virtual Journal” is your ticket into my virtual worlds!

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