Sunday, January 22, 2012

Parallels and Pauses of Virtual Living - Part II

Wharf Ratz: Joplin Fundraiser
Ok, let's continue... With so much happening in real life, I missed the weekly networking event at Wharf Ratz hosted by Preferred Family Healthcare (PFH) in Second Life. The community gathering is always a lot of fun, relaxing and a great place to network! I am truly amazed at how the in-world team has developed PFH's  virtual-based substance abuse counseling program. I might add… It is a very successful and funded program. That simple fact is very encouraging. Kudos to PFH and other innovative organizations that are working, collaborating and connecting in Second Life and OpenSim. So it is always good to gather with friends to share information, successes, ideas, and of course the dance floor. This is a social networking event. 

Science Friday in Second Life
 Learning about existing virtual-based programs and projects definitely enriches my virtual world experience. It is my hope that more organizations will see the benefits of using virtual world with the raising travel expenses, multiple office locations, and the desire for global partnerships.  Virtually, there is so much to see... so much to learn… and so many people to meet.

STD/STI Lab at CherNetiva
Sometimes the virtual world experience parallels real life and sometimes it is paused by real life. Regardless, it’s a community where I can connect, collaborate and communicate with nonprofits, educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, believers, and other professionals worldwide. Make no mistake about it... this is Not a game,  virtual worlds are serious business! You are invited to visit me at CherNetiva @ JokaydiaGRID or  Virtual Lab Training Center  anytime. Be sure to leave me an IM if I am not in-world. Virtual living may get paused but it does not stop...

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