Saturday, January 21, 2012

Parallels and Pauses of Virtual Living - Part I

R2V/V2R Workshops
Although I promised to keep you updated on my virtual world activities on a more regular basis in 2012, real life (RL) may bring brief pauses in my writings. This past week was a perfect example of such a pause. So much has been happening in real life; my writer and RL person (Sally Cherry) did not have an opportunity to record my activities until now. Believe it or not, she monitors two calendars… the “Real Life” calendar for events that she can physically attend and the “virtual living” calendar for events that she can only attend via my in-world presence. With events and activities in real life and virtual worlds, life does get quite busy but never boring. 

SF Online TechSoup Meetup
The Real Life calendar included...  meetup networking, "Real to Virtual; Virtual to Real” Workshops planning, Dtech networking, Greater Baltimore HIV Health Services Planning Council meeting, and networking… Yes, Sally enjoys meeting people and networking. Go figure, I am the one who was nicknamed “The Networking Diva”.  Speaking of me, let’s see what my calendar looks like…  Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable (VWER) meeting, buildingNonprofits in Second Life (NPSL) meetings, Common Ground networking eventsHypergrid Adventurers' Club (HGAC), Hypergrid landmarks, and preparing for R2V/V2R workshop. It has been an exciting venture for this little avatar. The upcoming Capacity Building through Virtual Worlds workshop allows me to help people learn about virtual worlds through through mixed reality discussions and in-world travel. 

VWBPE 2012 is coming!
Woot, woot! The workshop participants and I will be attending the Virtual World - Best Practices in Education  5th Annual Conference (VWBPE 2012) hosted by the  education community of Second Life, OpenSim, and other virtual worlds.   The conference has been designed to promote the best and brightest from the Virtual World's education community. It is my understanding that over 2000 individuals (attendees and speakers) from ninety-one (91) countries and territories attended last year at VWBPE 2011. So excited...   
VWBPE 2012 will be a highlight for all of us.

Virtually yours,

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