Sunday, January 8, 2012

SarVana is back... Wishing you a Virtual and a Real Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to my virtual and real life friends
SarVana relaxing in Second Life
Greetings, First I must clarify a couple of things... I am an avatar with two last names, "Haalan" and "Cherry". While in Second Life, I travel as SarVana Haalan and in OpenSim (JokaydiaGRID, OSGrid, etc) I travel as Sarvana Cherry. Sometimes you will find Haalan in JokaydiaGRID doing quality control duty as "Inspector 12" or working on other projects. Regardless of my landing site, my virtual-based friends and colleagues just called me SarVana or "Sar". Second point of clarification... the real life writer, Sally Cherry relies on Sarvana Cherry and myself (SarVana Haalan) to help her explore and work virtually. In return, we rely on Sally to verbalize our words and "push the buttons" for a rewarding virtual experience (and project). You must believe me when I say that this little avatar SarVana Haalan virtually known as "The Networking Diva" has her own personality.
 Many apologies for my writing absence in 2011 but virtual explorations and real life can really keep an avatar busy.  No problem, we will bring you up to date. You are invited to freely browse my Flickr photo album where you will find many photos taken over the past years. News flash..  I will sharing more information and photos about my Second Life and OpenSim explorations and projects this year. So much is happening in the virtual world communities and I am just too thrilled Not to write about it.  So be sure to bookmark this blog, SarVana's Virtual Journal and teleport with us into the amazing world of virtual research, education, business,  health, and much more.
If you are a virtual resident, feel free to IM SarVana in-world or follow SarVana on Twitter. If you are not a virtual resident already, you can get started in Second Life here, and in OpenSim here
Virtual Traveler's Notes:
When you teleport into SecondLife or OpenSim,  please feel free to join us at: 
SarVana Business Centre @ Second Life
Cherry Network Centre @ Kitely
CherNetiva @ JokaydiaGRID
Nonprofit Commons @ Second Life 
 That's it for now. So, have a nice day and we hope to see you in-world.
SarVana Haalan

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