Thursday, June 17, 2010

Learning for Real Success in Virtual Business

The learning continues! Currently, I am reading and taking notes from a very helpful book, "Your Virtual World Business Guide". It is informative, instructional, entertaining, and easy to understand.  As a virtual world resident who wants a successful in-world business, I also want solid  information that will help me achieve my business goals. As I may have stated in a previous blog post, this is NOT a game like World of Warcraft or EverQuest for me. This is serious business... managing and promoting business in a Virtual 3D World called Second Life®.
So, my excitement soared when I discovered the perfect guide for my exploration of the business possibilities and opportunities in the 3D virtual world.  You may ask, "Why?" or "What's the appeal?" It is simple! You can start small, use your creativity, reach a larger number of people, and earn a really great income. Many people are making well over six figures a year in this virtual world.

So, even if you are familiar with it, you need to know that there is a real potential to make a good income there. IF you know what you are doing.

That's where this business guide comes in handy.  The author of  "Your Virtual World Business Guide" crossed all t's, and dotted all i's thus omitting very little if anything. The book provides answers to many of my questions about business in Second Life. It explains ideas for small to large businesses which are actually fun and creative, and if you do it right, VERY profitable.  People have QUIT their jobs to do this!

So I continue my learning as I read this book that is highly recommended to you. I liked it so much... I became an affiliate to promote it. So, I personally invited you to check it out.

 Here is the link:
Your Virtual World Business Guide

Monday, June 7, 2010

Realtime Video Recording In-world

 Greetings, my friends!  What a difference a day can make... I barely can dictate my thoughts today. I am just that excited.  For some long-term virtual residents,this may be no big deal  but it is a "big deal" for this little avatar. Since the day did not start on a happy note, it's even a bigger deal.  As a matter of fact, the day started with my real life (RL) person too sick to work but it ended on a high note and with smiles on both of our faces. The day presented a major learning opportunity for both of us... Realtime video recording in-world.

With my RL person's help, I tested the realtime video recording software that was recommended to me by a SL networking partner (aka friend). The software allows my RL person to record video of me as well as my various virtual communities.  This is perfect for my "Virtual World Living" journal and her RL presentations.

In the video, I am also testing my new "Goddess" walk (smiles) as I stroll from Ms. BugLady's Training Lab to SarVana Marketplace. Once my RL person improves her video recording skills, I will prepare a walking tour of the entire complex managed by SarVana Marketing Network. You will be able to get a better view of our virtual content designs and building projects which include SarVana Business Centre, Ms. BugLady's Lab Training/Career Center, and SarVana Resort Villa.

  It was a successful test. So now, I can share my realtime experiences of virtual world living, networking, and working which is the focus of our in-world and real life consulting and training business. It's all so exciting... Virtual living in Realtime!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Virtual Lab Training and Career Center Project

Since the last post, my real life (RL) person and I have been building and setting up Ms. BugLady's Training Lab and the Lab Career Resource Center. I am delighted to help with the integration of RL lab training and career activities into my virtual complex. The  “Virtual Laboratory Training and Career Resource Center” is the newest addition to the business complex, SarVana Business Centre in the Payens region.

It took several hours (including my dancing time) to finalize the construction of two multi-level buildings. The lab furniture and equipment are still being placed in the designated work/office areas. We were able to locate several lab items with the help of several colleagues.  We decided to design and create the laboratory furniture for the Microscopy Training Lab on the third floor.

Since I enjoy exploring Second Life, I am actively searching for additional lab-related resources. In addition, web-based resources and RL material are being incorporated into the  virtual lab training and career presentations.

The Virtual Lab project is so exciting!
Well, it looks like you just can’t keep a laboratorian out to the lab... real or virtual! Now, we just have to find some more RL funding to expand the “Virtual Lab Training and Career Project”. Our vision is to expand the Lab Project to its own island and to increase our collaborative network.

You are invited to visit "Ms. BugLady's Training Lab" and the "Lab Career Resource Center". I always enjoy meeting new "networking partners" also known as friends. So, feel free to IM me. If you are not a SL resident, email me for an invite to join our exciting virtual community.

Take care,
SarVana Haalan

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome to SarVana's Virtual Journal

Welcome to my revamped blog, "SarVana's Virtual Journal" featuring the experiences of an avatar exploring, building, networking, and socializing within several virtual world communities. Allow me to introduce myself. Depending on the virtual community, I am known as...

SarVana Cherry to others.

My friends just call me "SarVana" and I have even answered to "Sarv" (just don't call me "Hon"). When in the Second Life community, I am known as "SarVana Haalan" but I am also known as "SarVana Cherry" in other virtual communities. Regardless of what name I am called, it does not change who I am... an avatar enjoying life, business, and friends in the exciting 3-D virtual worlds.

Some may be asking, "What is an avatar?" First, let me state a fact... "Avatars have been around for several years "alive and well" on a computer near you." Now that I have made that clear... "What is an avatar?" Well, I define myself and my virtual friends as the "creative side" of very real persons that serve as our scriptors. The dictionary defines an avatar as..." an electronic image that represents and is manipulated by a computer user...". Although many people associate avatars with computer games, I assure you that we are all Not game pawns. You can find avatars teaching, consulting, conducting business, building, selling virtual goods, living, and much more in the various virtual communities.

The purpose of this blog, "SarVana's Virtual Journal" is to share my experiences as an avatar living and commuting between several virtual communities. My RL person gets very excited about visiting, exploring, and building virtual worlds. I am glad because her interest in virtual worlds lead to my existence. Although I have residences in several virtual worlds, most of my time is spent in Second Life and OSGrid. You can also find me exploring in OSGrid, ReactionGrid, Heritage Key, Smallworlds, Yahoo, and Twinity.

My RL person enjoys learning new concepts and designing 3-D projects. Both of us enjoy meeting new friends and networking with other virtual residents. A virtual friend called me "The Networking Diva". An example of the virtual world imitating real life! Learning about others' designing and building projects is just exciting. My RL person and I are absolutely fascinated by virtual world technology and its usability for businesses, nonprofits, governments, and consumers. This blog allow us to share some of our experiences, business solutions, virtual communities, and related resources with you.

So, feel free to bookmark my blog, "SarVana's Virtual Journal" and read about my experiences as an avatar on the move in the virtual community. Comments are encouraged!
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