Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome to SarVana's Virtual Journal

Welcome to my revamped blog, "SarVana's Virtual Journal" featuring the experiences of an avatar exploring, building, networking, and socializing within several virtual world communities. Allow me to introduce myself. Depending on the virtual community, I am known as...

SarVana Cherry to others.

My friends just call me "SarVana" and I have even answered to "Sarv" (just don't call me "Hon"). When in the Second Life community, I am known as "SarVana Haalan" but I am also known as "SarVana Cherry" in other virtual communities. Regardless of what name I am called, it does not change who I am... an avatar enjoying life, business, and friends in the exciting 3-D virtual worlds.

Some may be asking, "What is an avatar?" First, let me state a fact... "Avatars have been around for several years "alive and well" on a computer near you." Now that I have made that clear... "What is an avatar?" Well, I define myself and my virtual friends as the "creative side" of very real persons that serve as our scriptors. The dictionary defines an avatar as..." an electronic image that represents and is manipulated by a computer user...". Although many people associate avatars with computer games, I assure you that we are all Not game pawns. You can find avatars teaching, consulting, conducting business, building, selling virtual goods, living, and much more in the various virtual communities.

The purpose of this blog, "SarVana's Virtual Journal" is to share my experiences as an avatar living and commuting between several virtual communities. My RL person gets very excited about visiting, exploring, and building virtual worlds. I am glad because her interest in virtual worlds lead to my existence. Although I have residences in several virtual worlds, most of my time is spent in Second Life and OSGrid. You can also find me exploring in OSGrid, ReactionGrid, Heritage Key, Smallworlds, Yahoo, and Twinity.

My RL person enjoys learning new concepts and designing 3-D projects. Both of us enjoy meeting new friends and networking with other virtual residents. A virtual friend called me "The Networking Diva". An example of the virtual world imitating real life! Learning about others' designing and building projects is just exciting. My RL person and I are absolutely fascinated by virtual world technology and its usability for businesses, nonprofits, governments, and consumers. This blog allow us to share some of our experiences, business solutions, virtual communities, and related resources with you.

So, feel free to bookmark my blog, "SarVana's Virtual Journal" and read about my experiences as an avatar on the move in the virtual community. Comments are encouraged!
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