Sunday, May 23, 2010

Virtual Lab Training and Career Center Project

Since the last post, my real life (RL) person and I have been building and setting up Ms. BugLady's Training Lab and the Lab Career Resource Center. I am delighted to help with the integration of RL lab training and career activities into my virtual complex. The  “Virtual Laboratory Training and Career Resource Center” is the newest addition to the business complex, SarVana Business Centre in the Payens region.

It took several hours (including my dancing time) to finalize the construction of two multi-level buildings. The lab furniture and equipment are still being placed in the designated work/office areas. We were able to locate several lab items with the help of several colleagues.  We decided to design and create the laboratory furniture for the Microscopy Training Lab on the third floor.

Since I enjoy exploring Second Life, I am actively searching for additional lab-related resources. In addition, web-based resources and RL material are being incorporated into the  virtual lab training and career presentations.

The Virtual Lab project is so exciting!
Well, it looks like you just can’t keep a laboratorian out to the lab... real or virtual! Now, we just have to find some more RL funding to expand the “Virtual Lab Training and Career Project”. Our vision is to expand the Lab Project to its own island and to increase our collaborative network.

You are invited to visit "Ms. BugLady's Training Lab" and the "Lab Career Resource Center". I always enjoy meeting new "networking partners" also known as friends. So, feel free to IM me. If you are not a SL resident, email me for an invite to join our exciting virtual community.

Take care,
SarVana Haalan
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